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This Electric Minor Leaguer That Announced Himself Before An At Bat Over The Weekend Is The Future Face Of Baseball

You want the face of baseball? THERE'S your face of baseball! Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock didn't become the face of the WWF because they could wrestle well. They did it because they had mic skills dripping out of their roody poo candy asses and could wrestle well enough that the fans didn't care because they were entertaining. 

Based on that 31 second video alone, Bill Leroy clearly has the swagger, the mic skills, the number, and even the taste in batting music to become the face of a faceless sport that apparently needs a face.

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So why not Bill Leroy? He may be batting .256 with only 1 dinger in 82 ABs. But he's a catcher, so you gotta grade him on a curve sharper than anything Clayton Kershaw has ever thrown. He may not have gotten a base knock after announcing himself, but any baseball fan with a brain knows a walk is just as good as a hit and Billy boy was as good as on first after he had the pitcher pissing down his leg by announcing himself to the plate.

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P.S. It's crazy to think that baseball players have been coming out to music for so long yet we just had someone announce themselves. Actually that's probably because if someone did this even 5 years ago, they would have nothing but 100 MPH heaters thrown at their head until they retired. But still, this is definitely another step into baseball going the right direction into making their sport ~gasp~ fun, at least until Manfred somehow ruins it in the Major Leagues.

Now do the damn thing Billy Lee and make me seem like a prophet.

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P.S. I know this isn't the minors but putting college summer ball doesn't pop in the headline nearly the same way, no matter how much I love going to Cape League games