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Boosie needs YOUR help!

If you are a fan of southern rap, you have probably heard of Lil Boosie AKA Boosie Badazz. He is a generational talent that brings people together with his lyrics. If you want to dance, "Wipe me down." If you’re trying to get the vibes right to hot box, "Smoking on purple." If you want to learn to spell, "INDEPENDENT." If you want to fight, "Set it off."  After typing all these bangers, I just realized Boosie definitely doesn’t get the music credit he deserves. I won’t even get started on Webbie or Mouse as that’s an entirely different article. 

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At this point in the blog I am hoping you minimized your tab and have a Boosie classic booming through your speakers/headphones but if you don’t, that’s okay too.

Why does Boosie need help? What is he looking for? How do I apply?

 Boosie needs a, “certified hitter.”

Woah woah woah… Chill, it's not what you’re thinking. 

Boosie, though originally from Baton Rouge or RATon Rouge as he's called it, owns an estate in Atlanta. This estate includes a 22,000 square foot mansion featuring every amenity possible, and sits on 40 acres. When I say amenities, I am talking pool, basketball court, football field etc. If you can name it, Boosie probably has it. You know what they say though, with great success comes great responsibility, and now Boosie is responsible for deer. 

That's right, not only is Boosie willing to open up his gates to have any certified hitter willing to come and exterminate his pest problem, he’s even kind enough to let you keep the deer (or OPPS as he called them). 

Personally I am not the hunting type. I have shot a gun twice, (terrifying). I don’t go out of my way to eat deer/venison, have never owned any real tree camo, nor do I have a buck on my wall. 

However, Boosie needs our help, so since I don’t provide any service he’s asking for I ask you… 

Will you help Boosie?