Da Baby Had A WILD Set At Rolling Loud Last Night, Complete With Evading A Thrown Shoe And A Twerking Dancer On A Bed He Brought On Stage

Rolling Loud ended last night in Miami....a weekend-long festival that was complete with some massive names, including Post Malone, Travis Scott, ASAP Rocky. DaBaby's set last night was the most viral of the weekend....for the right and wrong reasons. We start with the clip above, DaBaby channeling his inner George Bush.

Marco Wilson, the Florida player who threw a shoe against LSU this year, got involved with a VERY funny tweet.

This wasn't the only big moment for DaBaby. He brought a bed on stage, with a very talented woman dancing on it. 


As I said, very talented dancer.

If you thought this was it for DaBaby, I got some BAD news for you. His set was after Megan Thee Stallion's, so what did DaBaby do? He brought out Tory Lanez, the rapper who shot Megan Thee Stallion:

And then right after Lanez left he played a Meg song:


Twitter was NOT happy with him:

But that was not even the main gripe with DaBaby from those that watched his set and after you watch this video, you aren't going to blame them:

Yeah, so, that wasn't great. Not great at all!!!!