The First Member Of The Madden 99 Club Doesn't Have a QB Or An NFL Team

Davante Adams - your first NFL player named to the 99 Club for Madden 22.

Now this is really interesting timing as Field Yates lists Davante Adams as a "Packers" WR. Adams has (1) year left on his 4-year deal he signed in 2017. Last week, Davante and the Packers hit a standstill in contract negotiations where allegedly DA broke off long-term contract extensions. Now this is most likely a negotiation tactic as Davante Adams and his agent are trying to get the best deal possible.

However, with Rodgers leaving Green Bay, could Adams try to stick with Rodgers wherever he lands? Or are the contract negotiations being cancelled simply a negotiation tactic and nothing more? My brain is wired to always try and find the truth, so I look in-depth on these situations more than most people.

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Now this situation isn't rocket science, but I'm trying to decide if DA wants the highest contract or to stick with his QB and still make bank. On top of all this, is Madden trying to boost Davante's stock by naming him the first 99 overall player in Madden 22? Who knows, but it doesn't hurt. How funny would it be in contract negotiations, "Well you know, the Madden talent scouts gave Davante a 99 rating, so CLEARLY he should be paid $25M per year."

If your Adams, you know Rodgers is a top 3 QB in the NFL (He's #1 in my book) - so, unless you're getting Brady or Mahomes, you're really risking your production dropping due to your new QB's ability. Adams is a freak of nature and can find anyway to get open and create space, so you'd think it wouldn't affect his performance THAT much, but you never know.

What do we think, is Davante going for the money or to stick with Rodgers?

PS - Here's what Twitter thought the 99 rating :

PSS - My timing is the best in the blogging game - this was reported 10 minutes before this blog went live