Introducing The 3 Point Hook Shot

Picture this: You're playing pickup with your friends and maybe a few randos. A 60 year old balding man shows up and announces he got next. Is he confused? Does he think this is the municipal courts and he finally gets to complain about the lack of park benches? You realize your mistake once you rub your eyes and see he is wearing a weathered Docic jersey, Dame 7's and a padded knee brace that you can smell from a mile away. 

You might consider taking it easy on him, but he starts doing jab steps, ball fakes, weaving through off-ball screens and more. Then, it happens. He receives the ball, is met on the perimeter, takes 2 dribbles to get in rhythm and pops a left-handed hook shot from 25 feet out. 


In that moment, you would see me enter what I would call 'The Giver' state of mind.