Olympic Weightlifting Record Holder Pulls Off the All Time Flex by Standing on One Leg

Source - Flamboyant Chinese weightlifter Li Fabin pulled off his signature one-legged 'flamingo' on his opening clean and jerk lift on Sunday. 

Li, 28, made the audience laugh when he avoided a loss of balance by lifting his right leg in the air -  and he joined in the laughter himself after releasing the bar, winning his second gold medal. ...

He said: 'I am aware that it's entertaining, but I advise against trying it because it bears serious risk of injury. 

'I have a very strong core, and I have really worked hard on that move.'

He also said that he is someone who has an unorthodox technique to correct a lift, rather than a show- off.  

Li broke the Olympic record on Sunday in the clean and jerk and total categories, lifting 172kg and 313kg respectively. ...

China have received six gold medals in the first two days of the competition in Tokyo. 

Here's a look at this before the NBC Olympics Copyright Goon Squad find it and tear it down like The Untouchables busting one of Al Capone's speakeasies: 

Just so we define our terms here, Li Fabin is 61 kilograms, which is 135 pounds. And on this particular lift, that was 166 kg, or 366 lb of pure skull-crushing steel in his mighty hands, working together with the unstoppable force of Earth's gravity in an effort to turn him into a blood-spattered Rorschach Test on the mat. And yet, he mocks physics, his opponents, and the whole human race with this metahuman effort. 

No wonder they call him "flamboyant," a word often associated with my preferred athletes, figure skaters, but seldom with people who pick up heavy things and then put them down. But it fits. It's a goddamned shame for Fabin that weightlifting doesn't have a judging component, because for sure he'd be racking up perfect scores in Artistic Merit. 

That said, holy smokes, how do you compete against that? The best lifter on the unquestioned best team, so dominant he can beat you using just 75% of his limbs. And laughing in your face while he does it. That 270 lb bro at your gym who carries around a gallon jug of water and sports a spaghetti strap tank with the logo of some protein drink on the front who grunts like an orc while tying up the free weights for an hour is going to have a massive case of body dysmorphia after seeing this guy one-legging 365 lbs while weighing about as much as the average American 5th grader. 

Now, a skeptic might look at China dominating in this particular event, which is the greatest test of physical strength at the Games, and be suspicious. But I'm not pulling that thread. My focus is just the fact that they are creating a race of men with almost godlike strength, while we in the West are fixated on to better at gymnastics, swimming fast in a pool and losing to the French in the sport we invented. And you don't see Simone Biles, Katie Ledecky, or Kevin Durant setting records on one leg. 

Watch Li Fabin set these records despair. His one-legged Flamingo power is greater even than our one-legged Crane discipline:

Giphy Images.


… and it is the sight of our pending doom.