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Bam Adebayo Showing Up To Summer League And Walking Everywhere With His Olympic Gold Medal In Hand Is The Mark Of A True Champion

God dammit I hate when a member of the Heat doest something cool because I have had an admittedly one way blood feud with Pat The Rat Riley for roughly 25 years now, but Bam showing up to Summer League with his gold medal in his hand is awesome.

What's the point of winning a gold medal if you don't show it off to every single person you walk past? You didn't drop all that blood, sweat, and tears in training just to drop some semen on top of a cardboard bed in the Olympic Village and get a piece of medal you will put in some safety deposit box at a bank. You better show that shit off to your younger coworkers that got hired to one day take your job as well as the throngs of random strangers and lovely young ladies that went to Vegas in search of some gold of their own. 

Giphy Images.

My only nitpick of Bam is that he is holding his gold medal in his hand like he's waiting to give it to someone (likely that prick Pat Riley who will demand Bam to give it to him for some sick satanic basketball ritual). If I won a gold medal, I would never take it off. Doubly so if I was an athlete that won a medal in one of the Olympic sports that 99.999999% of the country doesn't care about except for a two week period once every four years during the Olympics. I'm not sure which Olympic event I could ever win a gold medal in or what type of tragedy would have to befall every other athlete in said event for me to have a chance to possibly win a gold medal. 

Regardless I would never take that medal off if I won it. Not in the shower, not on the toilet, and not even when I went to bed. I'd be wearing a USA shirt with my gold medal until the ribbon broke off or I drunkenly ate the medal thinking it was chocolate one night. But until that fateful day came, you sure as shit better believe I would be wearing it every single place I went, probably with a USA hat and robe like the #O7YMPICME7O did to the bodega once upon a time.