Gardner Minshew Is Prepping For A QB Battle With Trevor Lawrence By Refusing To Take A Shit Because 'Number Two Isn't An Option'

I gotta be honest with Garnder here and tell him this doesn't seem like the best plan. It's simply not healthy to refuse to take a shit for weeks. You can't be all backed up going into training camp and expect to beat Trevor Lawrence for the starting job. Hell, Joe from accounting shouldn't refuse to take a shit for two weeks in an effort to beat someone for a promotion. Everyone make sure they are taking a shit a couple times each week at a minimum, especially if you're an NFL player. Gotta think getting hit with a bloated stomach is just going to lead to some doo doo butter in the pants. One blindside hit and those pants are as brown as his mullet. 

I'll say this though. We joke around about football guys and all that, this is the most football guy quote out there. I know it's physically impossible to not take a shit for weeks - seriously, go see a doctor if this is the case - but I also think Minshew and other football guys believe this to be true. No doubt in my mind, he's standing in the mirror like this telling himself he can't be number two. 

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Wouldn't be surprised if Urban saw this quote and started second guessing about drafting Lawrence. Urban lives for football guys and Tebow. He probably called Tim into his office after hearing this and asked him how often he shits just for a barometer here. Also, just go ahead and shit because Urban is going to give Trevor Lawrence the starting job no matter what.