Only Mini-Golf Tournament Champion At Barstool Shows He's Still Got It At Age 35

We've got a lot of mini-golf guys in the office. Everybody is really good at mini-golf. Yet I'm the only one with some hardware. The only one that's performed when it really mattered in the clutch. In 2005 I'm staring at a windmill on Hole 2 at The Sand Trap in Long Beach Island in a playoff vs. not one, but two middle schoolers. Ice water in my veins, hit it dead straight right through for an easy tap in that made me the proud owner of that trophy in the pic above along with free games for life. 

Now I'll admit that was back in my prime, 19 years old, delivering whoopings to pre-pubescent teens down the shore. I didn't think being only a casual mini-golfer that goes 1-3 times/year that I'd still have the same juice as 16 years ago. But then came last night. I'm down the shore for the week and went for a fun night of mini-golf with some family. After shooting a 3 on Hole 1, I didn't really think much of the day. But when I totaled the scores after 9 holes, I had 18 and I thought, 'Game On'. 

I had some clutch putts down the stretch from distance, but ultimately fell one short of what I wanted on 18 and finished +1. That being said, shooting a 39 on an 18 hole mini-golf course is still very legit. I posted about it last night and celebrated with a victory cone at Kohr's Brothers on the boardwalk. 

I got a text almost immediately from Smitty asking which location I went to citing his legendary 34 at age 14 at the Avalon location.

Nothing but respect, incredible score. But that was also 22 years ago. Does he still have it? I'd gander my buddy Smitty could hang in a game with me now, and I respect his direct reach out.

But the other Barstool mini-golfers? Complete crickets. Likely pulling the sheets over their heads hoping this nightmare with a putter never mentioned the sport again.