Putting All My Sunday Eggs in Touki Toussaint's Basket

Look, Braves fans have had it rough this year. From the pitching not being near as good as it was last year to losing Acuña, it’s just been an off year. I actually have a future on them to win the NL but that ticket is pretty much garbage at this point(but who knows with the NL East). Now Braves fans have me picking them today and I have been absolutely ice cold. Sorry guys. But this is bigger than me. This is about Touki Toussaint and he is not going to let us down. 

Toussaint has shown flashes of dominance since he was brought up in 2018 but never like what we saw against the Padres last week. He was absolutely filthy giving up only 1 ER against the Padres in almost 7 innings. He also only threw 79 pitches so he was totally in control the entire game. I’m not a Braves fan but I’ve lost a lot of money through the years on ol Touki, so I feel pretty confident saying what I saw against the Padres isn’t a fluke. He just looks like a different pitcher and I’m buying in. 

That brings us to the game today. Touki is going up against Nola(LSU) who has been roughed up against the Braves his last two starts against them. I know Nola is much better at home, but I still think the value is all over the Braves. I didn’t think I would be able to get the reverse run line at a decent price, so when I saw -132 I snagged it quick. I don’t hate taking them full game money line if you are feeling ballsy, but I’m playing safe and going with Braves +1.5. 

Happy Sunday Degens!