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TJ Dillashaw Edges Out A Gritty W In His Return To The Octagon

TJ Dillashaw is BACK ladies and gentlemen! You may not like him, and you may not even agree with the split decision he received tonight - I scored the fight for Cory Sandhagen and saw many on Twitter who did as well - but you can't hate on the amazing performance he put on in that octagon. 

That was just five rounds of RELENTLESS gritty fighting from the former 2x champ; from overcoming getting badly cut, to battling through a possible knee injury sustained in the first, to coming back from getting dropped, Dillashaw proved that ring rust wasn't gonna tell his story. TJ chopped Sandhagen's leg down with kicks and combined that with some picture perfect shots to grapple and compromise his striking, and even landed some huge shots of his own.

Shoutout to Ev who's been high on Dillashaw all week, I'm sure he had a good night....

Bantamweight may just be the most stacked division in the entire UFC right now, so matchmaking-wise I'm not really sure where either of these guys go just yet, but it'd be hard to find a fight involving Dillashaw/Sandhagen I WOULDN'T watch. 

Shoutout to the violence they provided us with tonight.