Rumors Are Swirling That Bradley Beal Is Finally Considering Asking For A Trade

Stephen Gosling. Getty Images.

When it comes to loyal players in the NBA, Bradley Beal is certainly on that short list. For years whenever he was asked about potentially leaving the Wizards, Beal always shut it down. He repeatedly talked about being committed to Washington and backed it up by signing extension after extension. He's on his 3rd contract with the Wizards where he has $34M guaranteed this season and then a $37M player option for next year which I imagine he turns down since he'll be able to get a bigger deal after having 10 years experience in the league. 

It's not exactly a secret that everyone on Team USA was probably recruiting him. While you understand that until we hear Beal say he wants out and this is his list to take everything with a grain of salt, look at that list of teams. The Celtics make sense, his best friend in Jayson Tatum plays for them. Golden State, and Miami both had players on Team USA to maybe be in his ear. The Sixers need shooting and have the salaries to make a move possible. Let me be clear about this from the Celts side. I want no part in trading Jaylen for Beal. A Smart/Tatum/Beal trio is no better than what currently exists. The idea is you have to add someone like Beal TO Jaylen and Tatum which is basically impossible via trade. It's also very tough even in free agency, so unless he pulls a Harden and says he's only interested in Boston, don't waste your time.

With teams like the Heat or Sixers, do they have the talent to even facilitate a trade? Beal makes $34M, how do the Heat get to that number without including someone like Jimmy Butler or Bam that makes it worth it for the Wizards? Do they want another point guard on the roster who can't shoot when they already have Russell Westbrook? You can see where I'm going with this and it should terrify everyone.

If Bradley Beal in fact demands a trade and that's his list, it's hard to imagine he ends up anywhere other than Golden State. If the Celts don't include Jaylen in a package, none of those teams can beat the offer of 7/14/Wiseman/Wiggins. That's just the reality. We know the Warriors are looking to move their assets for a proven star since they are in win now mode. That's exactly what Beal is. It keeps Steph happy, it gives them insurance with Klay and his return to the court after 2 years away, and we know their ownership has no problem paying a huge tax bill. If they know Beal will extend with them, they make that trade without hesitation. 

On the Wizards side, if they are trading Beal they may as well blow it all up, and this trade gives them 3 lottery picks and a player in Wiggins who isn't an All Star but is still a decent offensive option who made strides defensively and is signed for 2 more years. If they don't like what they see, they can always flip him. That Warriors package gives them a good amount of swings to hit on young cost controlled guys in the draft which is super important for rebuilding teams. 

With the draft just 5 days away, we'll get an answer to all these questions pretty soon. It's another opportunity to see if Giannis has any impact on how these guys think. Does Beal leave the only team he's ever known to join a super team in GS? Or does he remain loyal and give the Wizards one last shot at being competitive. 


Sadly, I think we know where this will probably end up.