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The Olympics Adding Mixed Doubles Table Tennis Is Already The Smartest Decision Ever Thanks To Romanian Smoke Bernadette Szocs

I didn't know I would be so invested in table tennis outside of cheering for Hank to beat Jake Marsh - Misfits for life. that is until I found out about Bernadette Szocs from Romania. One of the true gems of the Olympics for a smut blogger is finding out that there's a smoke in an event you are randomly watching at 2am because why not. I gotta admit, I did NOT expect her to look like this with the name Bernadette. There are some names that just guarantee you're hot - someone like Isabelle or Haley come to mind for me. You're named that, you're likely hot. Bernadette? That's a 75-year old sweet grandmother. Except in this case Bernadette is in the quarterfinals of the first mixed double table tennis at the Olympics and is a damn smoke. 

Bernadette's got China in the quarterfinals at 9pm eastern tonight. I think it's safe to say we're all on the Romanian side. Need more Bernadette on TV.

h/t notjut on Twitter for the heads up