Journalism 101: Don't Start A Press Conference By Asking JaVale McGee If His Mom Is Dead (She's Alive)

I don't want to brag here but I have a degree in Journalism. I took Journalism 101, 102, even 200, 300 and 400 level classes. So with that in mind I feel pretty qualified to make this statement. Don't ask someone if their mother is dead. For sure don't ask that person when their mother is a HALL OF FAMER and on Wikipedia. You can just go to JaVale's Wikipedia and click her name even. I just did it. It works. Anyone that has watched, I don't know, 5 games that JaVale has played in knows that his mom is a Hall of Fame basketball player and an Olympic gold medal winner. Seems like one of those questions that you just don't ask - or you better be 100% sure she's either alive or dead. Where was this question even going? Clearly they were going to tie in JaVale playing in the Olympics like his mom, right? Please tell me that's where the question was going. If that's the case, again, like any person in college that is desperate at 3am a day before a paper is due just go to Wikipedia. JaVale's response of 'that's a weird question' is perfect too. So caught off guard, no idea what to respond, you can tell he's in shock. 

Even better, JaVale went to Twitter. Good to see Pam is doing well. 

That wraps up tonight's Journalism 101 lesson. What'd we learn folks? Don't ask about a mother dying when they are very much alive.