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AirBnB Guests Discover Large, Geriatric Pig Hidden In Their 2nd Story NYC Walk-Up

Jake Lasofsky, an editor/producer here at Barstool, posted this gem of a thread tonight that I felt needed to be shared:

Dear _____,

First, we are grateful for the evenings we spent at your apt. The location is incredible, & your apartment is warm & welcoming. 

Yesterday, I heard some noise in Jackie's room. After some time, I went in to check in on the "grunts" I was hearing - thinking that maybe someone was in pain. 

To my shock, I discovered a pig, who was grunting.

This now explains why I needed allergy pills when I first arrived. I am allergic to swine (& pigs) & have been taking Zyrtek every morning. 

This is something you should have disclosed to your renters and on AirBnB.

A friend has offered a place for us to stay the remainder of our trip. We have packed up, and have left. 

Under the circumstances I would appreciate a refund for my last 3 nights that I will not be staying here.

Finally, as you may be aware, having a pig living in a small room is both unsanitary & in NYC not even legal. 

I have many friends with farms - and pigs - and I would hope & encourage you to find a better place for this animal. 

And that if you have a pig in a house that is listed on AirBnB you disclose it. 


I have opened up candles throughout the apartment to help with the smell - which is now apparent.

"Honestly it's not something we knew how to bring up so we made a decision not to say anything."

Classic. You have to respect it. 

A whole ass pig. A whole ass geriatric pig. A whole ass geriatric pig who needs special attention. 

I've got lots of questions that I wish I could ask the owners of this apartment, like what was the pig's living situation with their parents normally that their daughters' second floor walkup in NYC was the best option for its boarding care??? And how did they get it up there? How many Honey O's does that pig go through in a day? And what the Hell was in that soup? 

I once stayed at an AirBnB in Galway that was covered in dog hair & had a softball-sized hole in the bedroom wall going right out to the street, but no hidden farm animals yet. Hope Jake's cousin at least left it a snack before she left. 

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