And Here We Have Yasiel Puig Starting A Full Fledged Brawl In The Mexican Baseball League

I love the Mexican Baseball League, I never see highlights from it, only benches clearing brawls. This time we lucked out and got our old friend Yasiel Puig. He's down there having a great season, .299 with 10 homers in 52 games. Last night he got clipped right on the elbow guard for his 5th HBP of the season and he was not happy about it. He took his time at home plate taking off his equipment, stares down at the pitcher, says some words to him but it doesn't look like it'll escalate from there. Next thing you know Puig is staring into the other dugout waving his hand and shaking his finger at someone, people are yelling from the dugout and even the umpire is telling them to quiet down. And then the fun starts. Both dugouts slowly begin to empty as the umps are trying to keep the teams separated and it seems like that is all it'll be, both teams kind of standing around as the bullpens jog onto the field and then we see one of the players from El Águila de Veracruz sprint over and start the fight. We get some flying leg kicks, some vicious punches thrown on the left side of the screen, stomping, yanking and pulling everywhere as they try to keep the fight under control. A second cloud of players appears up top and they start to fight and it's madness. The scraping on the ground, wrestling, players being pushed up towards the tarps, this fight had it all. Another little scrum starts at the bottom of the group of players before another little cloud up top starts mixing it up but that is where it kind of ends. We for sure got some good punches thrown, I saw a  kick to the upper body that would make Shawn Michaels proud and it was all started by good old Puig. He was never a guy to back down when he played here in the bigs, what makes you think he wouldn't speak his mind after getting plunked in the Mexican League. Puig will fight anyone and everyone if he has to, guy doesn't give a shit.