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Vikings Offensive Line Coach Rick Dennison Has Been Fired Because He Refuses To Get The Covid Vaccine

HOLY SHIT. It’s getting real now folks. Very very real. He may be the first but it’s hard for me to believe he’ll be the last. The vaccine is currently required for all “Tier 1 Staff” which includes coaches, front office executives, equipment managers and scouts but it is not required for players. However as it came out yesterday there will be very severe consequences for outbreaks amongst non vaccinated players. 



Rick Dennison has 27 years of coaching experience in the NFL with the Broncos, Texans, Ravens, Bills, Jets and Vikings including winning three Super Bowls during his career. This man is no slouch when it comes to coaching football but it looks like he’s gonna need to find another league if he wants to keep coaching football without getting the vaccine. Wild times we’re living in. Let’s see who or what is the next domino to fall.