Insane: Freddie Freeman Has Gone 29 Straight Plate Appearances Without a Single Swing and Miss

The Athletic — Freeman went 2-for-3 with two walks Thursday, and he also went another game without swinging and missing, extending his streak to 29 plate appearances without a swing-and-miss. He’s gone 120 pitches without swinging and missing a pitch, including 17 pitches Thursday.

After starting the season uncharacteristically cold, Freddie Freeman has gotten scorching hot at the right time. He's hitting .410 in July and has some of the best numbers in baseball since the beginning of June, but this one stat is truly insane. You have to go back to July 11 — 120 pitches ago — to find the last time Freeman swung and missed.

This is maybe the most perfect stat to describe Freeman's approach at the plate I've ever seen in his career. He does hit home runs and drive guys in, but he's just one of the most consistent, professional hitters I've ever watched, right there alongside Chipper Jones.

Now that everybody is talking about it, I'm sure this streak is going to end tonight, but going nearly two weeks making contact with every pitch you swing at against Major League pitching is ridiculous. This guy is a machine.