The Mets Finally Address The Rotation And Trade For Rich Hill

WELCOME TO FLUSHING, DICK MOUNTAIN!!! I was not sure how much longer the Mets could keep patching the starting rotation since every time they plugged someone in, that pitcher immediately got hurt, shelled, or both and turned yet contest into a bullpen game. So Sandy, Zack Scott, and whatever nerds Uncle Stevie hired to plug baseball numbers into spreadsheets decided Rich Hill was the guy to fill the hole until Jacob deGrom, Carlos Carrasco, and/or Noah Syndergaard (hopefully) all come back from the injured list.

Now as someone who has had Rich Hill in fantasy plenty of times, I will say that it is an interesting acquisition made by a team that has been devoured by the injury bug all season. If Mets fans thought it was annoying dealing with the players that disappear for weeks at a time with lingering injuries, you are not ready for the Rich Hill Experience since something seemingly minor always seems to pop up that knocks him out for the season. But considering he is still putting up a 3.87 ERA as a 41 year old, this is very much a suitable band aid for a Mets rotation that could have reinforcements coming in either guys coming back from injury or from trade. Plus you can never go wrong acquiring a guy that the Rays signed, which feels like cheating off the smart kid in class. Yeah they also just traded Hill but I feel like that happened because they acquired Nelson Cruz's contract along with his bat.

As for the guys the Mets traded, I am blindly fine moving on from Matt Dyer since I have already convinced myself that Francisco Alvarez is at worst the next Mike Piazza and I think Tommy Hunter is just a throw-in because usually 35-year-old relievers with bad backs that have spent the latter half of their career bouncing around baseball have much time left in The Show. At least Tommy gave us our his soundbite of the season for the championship video.

Now let's keep Rich Hill in bubblewrap 24/7 except for when we need him to pitch and hope the rest of the rotation gets healthy ASAP so we don't have to rely too heavily on a guy that hasn't thrown more than 136 innings since 2007, which is a season we do not speak of around these parts.

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