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"Ted Lasso" Has Returned And All Is Right In The World

During last year's lockdown, there was one show that served as a salve for the soul in these fucked-up times and it was "Ted Lasso". The brainchild of the brilliantly funny Jason Sudeikis, "Ted Lasso" brought a much-needed dose of positivity in addition to tons of heartfelt laughs when people needed them the most. The runaway streaming hit, which just set a freshman record with 20 Emmy noms, was a beacon to millions of people who were cooped up and going stir crazy in 2020. The show literally put you in a good mood and I was more than happy to sing its praises.

So I was psyched that Season 2 Episode 1 hit Apple TV+ early this AM. Like with most movies, I passed on watching the trailer instead preferring to go in somewhat blind. I haven't read any reviews either so I have no idea what to expect but the couple of subheds I caught had high praise for the second installment. And so far, so good as the first ep of the new season picks up right where S1 left off from a creative standpoint. Already can't wait for E2.

"Mare of Easttown" rekindled my desire a bit for the traditional weekly roll-out instead of dumping 'em all out at once because it gives me something to look forward every Friday. There's plenty of other shit to keep my occupied in between my Roy Kent fixes. Also, Netflix should take a cue from AppleTV+ and follow time zones. So when Netflix says a show is dropping on a particular day, it should actually be available to watch once that day starts in a particular time zone and not three hours into said day. The world doesn't revolve around Pacific Time.

If you haven't watched Season 1 yet, get on it.

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