I Botched Checkmate In Front Of The Botez Sisters

Full video above!

I absolutely didn't botch checkmate here. Instead, I was giving Andrea Botez and PFT a chance to try and beat Alexandra and me. I'm just making the playing field even because I'm such a nice guy. I definitely didn't blow this game.

The YouTube video above is a best of 3 series between PFT, Alex, Andrea and myself. We played team chess with a 3 minute clock for each team. If the clock hits zero, you lose! However, at the end of each turn, your team is given back 2 seconds. Teammates can't give each other feedback or talk about their current move. This backfired for Alex as she was cringing while she watched me blow an easy win. Queen's Gambit didn't prepare me well enough for this. GG.

We had the Botez sisters come into HQ for International Chess Day and they dominated HQ. If you want to read a recap of their full visit, checkout the blog below!