I Ate A Hot Dog With Ketchup In Frank The Tank's Face

The caption says it all - The best way to eat a hot dog, HANDS DOWN. I never understood the animosity towards ketchup on your dog until this summer, but I'm not changing my ways any time soon.

Yesterday in the Triple S, I swept Frank the Tank in cornhole to improve my record to 2-0 and the Fleming Curse to 0-5. 

Frank came into the Triple S ready to rock & roll and more importantly, to block out the noise from "Jake the Jinx."

It's always 10-15 degrees colder in the Stool Streams Stadium, so I wore an Olympic zip-up to stay warm. Upon entering the stadium, the temperature felt good and my shot was on, so I decided to showcase my hidden attire.

Since Frank and I are friends, I wanted to support his favorite team by wearing a Mets' shirt.

Right after breaking out the shirt, I came (1) bag away from a 4-bagger. Still a good round, but the 4-bagger (4 cornholes in one round) would have been icing on the cake.


Words can't describe how high Frank launched this bag. It would've hit the ceiling at Minute Maid Ballpark. NASA engineers never predicted a bag could've been thrown that high.

I proceed to win Game 1 and since I skipped lunch, I needed to briefly fuel up while the commish was giving Frank a pep talk.

Delicious. Nothing like a straight shot of ketchup to the cranium to wash down an NYC street dog.

The commish talk worked and to Frank's credit, he ended up playing gaming 2 with the best cornhole I've ever seen from Frank. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to end the Fleming Curse. 

In this series, he compared me to MJ, said I was a Division 1 Cornhole player and I was top 5 in the office. I'll take it!

Frank on wearing the earbuds


Frank and I survived the Oregon Trail together - after you go through that experience, you're brothers for life. I don't make the rules, I just follow them. Anytime we're in the Triple S, we'll meet as enemies, but I would gladly coach Frank in cornhole through any game.

People are asking, if Frank ate the FULL (50) nuggets, would he have won?


I guess we'll never know…

Full Matchup Below