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The City Of Jacksonville Is Spending $18 Million On A 150ft Tall Derp Statue

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The city of Jacksonville was on a winning streak. The Jaguars drafted a franchise QB in Trevor Lawrence, A UFC Pay Per View came to town, and All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has become a serious competitor to WWE, notably the rumors they are signing CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. 


Then the city decided to go and ruin it in the most Jacksonville way possible. 

On Thursday, a city committee chose a design plan for downtown that includes a 150ft tall sculpture that is illegible and most people read as saying "Derp". The design states that the word being spelled out is "Jax", but I'm still not convinced. Even if you could tell it reads Jax after being told, the fact that you would have to be told is a big enough clue that it is not good. Not only was the design plan with this piece of "Art" selected, a member of the committee stated the sculpture was what put that design over the top. That same committee member said the fact that people are talking about the sculpture shows it's "iconic nature". Yeah, that could be, OR everyone is talking about how atrocious this would be in Jacksonville at all, much less as a centerpiece of our down town. You know, one or the other. "Iconic" or "Garbage". A real coin flip!

To top it all off, this "Derp Statue" (Which is what it will be known as) is going to cost the city upwards of $18 Million. I can think of so many better things that $18 Million could go towards, but honestly, I would rather they make a TikTok of $18 Million getting thrown into a burn barrel than have this statue built. Every walk downtown, every Jaguars game, every boat ride down the St. Johns, people will see this giant Derp Statue and think "Yep, that's Jacksonville". And you know what, if this thing does get built, they'll be right. The Mayor still has to sign off on it to be approved. If he does, you'll see Duggs in at a Jacksonville city council meeting real soon.