It's Friday Anddddd There's No New Kanye Album


Kanye got us again. This is what he does, I suppose. Promises made, promises NOT delivered! Stu would never. When Stu tells us the mulch is here, THE MULCH IS HERE.



But when Kanye tells us DONDA is here, DONDA IS NOT HERE!!! We were all looking like fools with our pants on the ground at midnight last night, wondering if our Spotifys weren't working. I was scrolling through the new releases, thinking maybe they did some scavenger hunt to find the new album. They didn't but I did find Hanson dropped a new song. It starts out slow, but it picks up steam and it's a bonafide smash. Yes, Hanson.



The boys don't miss.

Still nothing from Ye though. Who knows if it drops today, tomorrow, next week, or never. If it's true that Jay didn't even record his verse til 4pm yesterday, it wouldn't shock me if we're going to be waiting a bit longer. 


Sounds great though, no doubt. 

This is what Kanye does. The anticipation of the album is what he does best. Fool me once, twice, three times..I'll continue to get fooled again. 

(But seriously, drop the album dude.)