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Holy Shit, MTV Is Bringing Back Cribs!

There truly is no better way to feel shittier about your living situation than watching people galavant their house on Cribs as some of the finest songs of today play in the background. I'm still not sure why MTV stopped filming Cribs because it seems like bringing a few cameras to a celebrity's house was the easiest way to create content that pretty much everyone enjoyed. Like seriously, I've never heard one person say they didn't like Cribs. Maybe MTV needed to clear a few extra slots for more Ridiculousness, which makes perfect sense.

Speaking of celebs, here is a list of some of the people that will be guiding us around their surely humble abodes.

Deadline- Stars on the latest U.S. iteration include Martha Stewart, Big Sean, Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross, JoJo Siwa, Kathy Griffin, Marsai Martin, Snooki, Tinashe and Rick Ross.

If we are being honest, that is a scary list of people that I either have no clue who they are or know who they are but have no interest in seeing their crib. But I think that's kinda just how things go when you are as washed as I am. This new Cribs will probably have tons of Tik Tok and YouTube stars on that I have never heard of, but my kids are gonna love it. 

Regardless of who is actually on the show, all I hope we get is the same exact amount of unironic Scarface posters littered around houses, the same jokes about the bedroom being where the "magic is made", and just one episode that can come close to the legendary moments that Redman and Mariah gave us no less than a million years ago.