Ben Pope Of The Sun-Times Reveals More Shocking And Disgusting Allegations In The Blackhawks Sexual Assault Case

You need to actually read the allegations and click on the tweet and probably follow Ben Pope. 

A meatball(asshole) response to the initial reports of the sexual assault case went something like "he's a pro athlete. Why didn't he just beat the shit out of him?"

Well now we know that this alleged assault happened with the physical threat of a baseball bat in addition to a threat of being professionally and financially ruined. Hopefully now everyone understands, clearly, what happened and that Aldrich is a monster and not going to the police immediately upon learning this should result in a firing. 

Now, Bowman had his call with the press today where he said he'd like to talk more about what happened in the future while waiting for the investigation and the litigation to play out. That is predictable answer in this type of circumstance. I think everyone knows how I feel about Bowman. I PRAY that he didn't know about the assault complaint to this detail. If you're in a room and a guy as respected as Paul Vincent tells you this exact story you need to take IMMEDIATE action. Call the team together. Tell people what Brad Aldrich did and that this type of thing is NOT tolerated and that any insensitivity surrounding what happened would have serious consequences. I hope that maybe the details were glossed over and the powers that be and the players and coaches referenced didn't know the extent of the incident. I want people to be good people. I don't want to believe that John, Al, and Stan knew ALL of this and did nothing. I don't want to think those guys are devoid of any sense of duty and morality as the leaders of an organization. 

Hate seeing this as well

This was 2010 and calling guys a fggot or telling them to suck a dick was probably VERY common. I know calling a guy on the ice in the early 2000s a fucking fggot was very common. Obviously that type of casual hate speech has been largely and rightfully removed from the public lexicon and I also hope that these specific allegations were more so "normal" practice ribbing by the guys and not an attempt to actually degrade a victim of sexual assault. Neither is okay, but one is a product of the times/culture and the other makes you a complete monster. 

This story gets worse seemingly every week. I hope that the investigation reveals that the people in charge at the time didn't know the full extent. I don't want to believe that those guys just swept this away. I don't want to believe that is possible. Make the investigation public so we don't have to second guess.