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DEVELOPING STORY: Yermin Mercedes Is In The White Sox AAA Lineup Tonight UPDATE: Yermin Pulled A Better "I'm Back" Than MJ Did

Absolutely hilarious. Never a dull moment with this team. "The Yerminator" is going to be a WILD chapter on the World Series DVD. Oh and I hope it comes out that Tony's call with Yermin (he said he was going to call him in his presser after last night's game) and Yermin comes out and says Tony is the reason he decided to not hang them up. 

That would make blue checks HEADS EXPLODE. Straight up black white supremacist from Chapelle's Show:

It's going to be biblical. I have to blog this shit (unfortunately, I don't want to) but the fact that that 3-0 swing is still a story is just beyond wild, yet beyond exhausting to me. I'm done talking about it for now… or at least until some new side story pops up. 


He's really loving this it looks like. This is a better "I'm Back" than MJ

Such a joke