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Congrats To PJ Tucker On Winning The Bucks Parade Today

This is really the only way to celebrate winning a title, especially when PJ Tucker beat James Harden and Chris Paul to do it, you know two guys from the Rockets with him. You think he gives a shit about not scoring a point in game 6? Nope. That man has champagne to pour all over the trophy and his body. What's the point of coming back from down 2-0 in the series to the Nets and Suns if you aren't getting smashed at the parade? There is none. It's a celebration and it doesn't matter if you get half of the bottle in your mouth or not. Paying a little homage to Chris Bosh.

This is just an impressive bounce back from PJ Tucker. Everyone thought Brandon Jennings would steal the show and rightfully so with his start to the parade. 

And hey, we've all been in that form PJ is in right now. The pause after taking too big of a swig, wondering if it's coming back up or not. You gotta let it settle before you talk. The face of 'hey can I get a ride from someone' says it all. PJ Tucker is here to win the parade and he did just that.