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The Bucks Parade Is Off And We Already Have Brandon Jennings Going Wild And A Bus Driver Not Giving A Damn

That's a hell of a way to start a parade right there. Bus driver probably knows that Jrue Holiday and Khris Middleton have a flight to catch to Tokyo. Speaking of that flight, Devin Booker having to fly with them is a bottom-1 trip in the world. Hey, sit 13 hours or whatever it is with two guys who just kicked your ass in 6 games in the Finals and took a trophy from you. No thank you, I'd book my own flight even if I had to sit in the middle seat. Love that the driver just doesn't give a damn about fans standing there hoping to get a wave from a player. He's got stops to get to, damnit! 

But the early star? Brandon Jennings - the man who started Bucks In Six. 

An ode to HHH with that spit? I have no idea. Maybe he wasn't expecting that big of a swig or something. The man clearly rebounds though and finishes the beer. I love that the Bucks are actually giving some credit to guys like Jennings and Michael Redd. They helped and they have them in a different portion and not with the players. Let them enjoy it too and Jennings clearly is. His saying made today an ACTUAL Bucks in Six Day. 

You think Bobby Portis is going to have a day? 

Outside of Giannis he might be the most beloved player on this team. Milwaukee fans going nuts for him. Breaking out a WWE belt is just an A+ move. It needs to happen at every parade now. Speaking of nuts. I choose to believe this as real. 

Let's get weird as hell today, Milwaukee.