Finally, We Have Our First Celtics Free Agency Rumor!

Brian Babineau. Getty Images.

Alright Brad is finally on the board! As we know, it was pretty much clockwork once the offseason rolled around that we would hear his predecessor was interested in Player X. The internet loved making jokes about it. Sometimes they actually landed the guy, most of the time they did not and around and around we went. So far this offseason that hasn't really happened. It used to be law that if a player was maybe going to hit the market or demand a trade, that the Celts were always listed as an interested team along with franchises like the Heat, Sixers, Lakers, etc. So the fact that the first "report" I can remember in a while that involves the Celts also involves the Sixers and Lakers made me chuckle. It feels good to be back. 

So if Reggie Bullock is reportedly receiving interest from Brad, let's talk about Reggie Bullock. 

At 6'7, he played 96% of his minutes at SF this past season as a Knick. It was one of the best seasons of his career with 10.9/3.4/1.5 averages on 44/41% splits with 2.5 3PM a night while starting 65 games. Bullock ranked in the 77th percentile as a spot up shooter, and shot 42% from three in catch & shoot situations last season. From the corners, he shot 45% from three. That's encouraging. He's also about to enter his age 30 season, and I think you do have to be a little weary of guys performing well in contract seasons, only to get paid and then regress. That's entirely possible considering he shot 40/33% in 2019-20 and 41/37% in 2018-19. At the same time he also had one of his better defensive seasons last year, and does fit the mold of a depth 3 and D player. That's how I view Bullock. A veteran player who has proven he can actually play in the NBA and is a complimentary depth piece. 

The question then becomes, why is Brad even interested? Well, as of this moment there are still some unknowns. We don't know if Evan Fournier will be on the roster. We don't know if both Romeo and Nesmith will be too or if one of them will be part of a trade this offseason. There's also the idea that he could just take Semi's roster spot. That's for sure an upgrade. What I'm not ready to do is say the Celts should be out on someone like Bullock just because they have Romeo/Nesmith. If last year taught us anything, it's that this roster needs actual NBA players for depth to compliment the young players they actually want to invest in. I don't think it would block their development at all. There's plenty of minutes and rotation combinations to go around. Especially if Fournier isn't back. 

Nobody should view Reggie Bullock as the "missing piece" or anything like that. A player that single handedly suggests you cue the duckboats. But this roster needs more NBA proven talent. Period. Especially the second unit. Again, if this were to happen and you could upgrade Semi's roster spot to someone like Bullock on a good price, that's something that makes you better. If you can bring in a guy that has experience both coming off the bench and starting, that's a positive. Now because he's a UFA, you're basically hoping he would come for the MLE. If the Celts are a non tax paying team, that gives them $9.5M to play with. Remember, you can split that up between multiple players if you'd like. If they are a tax paying team, it's like $5.8M. If you want to use one of the TPEs that would have to be a sign and trade which I would not expect to happen since it would then hard cap Brad. To me it's MLE money/vet minimum or nothing for any player that is currently a UFA. 


They also need to address more positions than just Bullock this season. Point guard is still a massive need for this roster as it stands today. It's simply not good enough once you get past the first two guys. That's a bigger priority in my mind than bringing in wing depth, so if I had to choose between Bullock or a legit backup point guard, I'm going guard first. 

So would Reggie Bullock be a nice option? I guess it depends what else happens with the roster, but from a skillset standpoint he helps address areas of need. It all comes down to price. I certainly wouldn't be interested in giving him the full MLE, so if the Sixers or Lakers want to do that, all the power to him. But considering Brad is going to have to find ways to add depth to this roster with actual NBA talent, I'm certainly not thumbing my nose up at the possibility this could happen.