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Hot Start For The Olympics Continues - A Bear Keeps Breaking Into The Softball Stadium, Guards Trying To Use Music And Firecrackers To Catch It

[Source] - A Fukushima police spokesperson confirmed that the intruder had been spotted last night and then again this morning. And that was just hours before the opening pitch in a match pitting the host nation against Australia.

A statement said: “A guard found a bear inside Azuma Sports Park early in the morning yesterday. We also received similar information this morning.

“We couldn’t find or capture the bear, and while there won’t be any spectators at the stadium, we are on alert and searching for the bear around the site.”

Sports Hochi daily claims that the entire contingent of Olympic guards assigned to the venue spent the night searching for the creature.

They blasted music and let off firecrackers in an effort to flush out the bear of hiding.

I'm going to fall in love with these Olympics and I can't help it. Everything is such a shit show over there in Japan right now that I'm going to end up loving it. Between the no fans, the delay, the fact that Team USA basketball might suck and hell, there are rumors that the Olympics still might get delayed it's all bizarre. We've also recently thrown in Poland having to send 6 swimmers home because they forgot the rules and now this. A bear keeps breaking into the goddamn softball stadium and hiding from guards. Why not? Let's add a bear running wild in the outfield. What can go wrong? 

What I really need to know is what music were they blasting? Obviously it's something Japanese or K-Pop. But I really want this to happen here and see what draws them out. For me it's playing music that makes me want to come out so they can catch me. Put on some Eric Church or Hootie and the Blowfish. Blast some Callin Baton Rouge for me, preferably the live version played at Tiger Stadium. Firecrackers suck, but music can draw me out. Gotta get in the bear's mind here and see what will have him wandering out confused. 

The best part? This isn't even the first bear problem at these Olympics. 

Just last month a brown bear sparked a massive search after it rampaged through Sapporo - the city that will host the Olympic marathon.

Weirdest damn Olympics of my lifetime. I guess the good news here is the fact the softball games have been going on with no bear interrupting a game. US even won a game. Probably should count as two wins for us here. We're still a day away from the Opening Ceremonies, let's see what other shit these Olympics can give us. Oh wait, there is this too.