The Phillies Lost Two Straight To The AAA Scranton Yankees And Are The Definition Of A Cocktease

Bottom 9. Tie game. Routine pop shot into the outfield and what happens? Brad Miller sprints in like a goddamn Little League rightfielder you just stick out there for 2 innings a game to fulfill the minimum but desperately hope nobody hits it in their zip code. I mean, what the shit, Brad? The outrageous thing is this didn't even cost the Phillies the game. They got out of the 9th and then proceeded to bunt over and then strand a runner on third in the 10th. Then the nobody's on the Yankees bunt over and score the game winner in the bottom. Why? Because of course they did. That's why. 

This cocktease of a team had two games vs. a JV Yankees squad that were essentially gimmies and they managed to blow themselves in the balls. Again. And it's not so much that they lose, but how they shit themselves. Dickless defense. God AWFUL at bats, specifically with RISP. Zero execution when it matters. It's beyond frustrating. Sure, it doesn't help when Hero Umps pull happy crap like this late in the game with the bases loaded:

But even I'll admit that Blue was biblically awful both ways. This team has got the talent and gusto to win the NL East and probably will so even more after Dombrowski goes ham at the trade deadline. But pick it the fuck up, please. These last two games vs. the Scranton Yankees were embarrassing. 

Charlie Morton, who if you recall the Phillies had on the staff before he someway, somehow started to become a certified HOF slayer on the Astros, Rays, and now Braves, comes to town tonight. Fun. But even if the Phillies lose at least Zach Wheeler is on the mound tomorrow and the circle of cocktease shall continue!