Texas and Oklahoma Have Reached Out in an Attempt to Join the SEC

Well this seemingly came out of nowhere. According to the Houston Chronicle, Texas and Oklahoma have reached out to the SEC in an attempt to join the conference — and it sounds like it's a little further along than just a rumor.

Houston Chronicle — Texas and Oklahoma of the Big 12 have both reached out to the Southeastern Conference about potentially joining the powerful league, a high-ranking college official with knowledge of the situation told the Houston Chronicle on Wednesday.

An announcement could come within a couple of weeks concerning the potential addition of UT and OU to the league, the person said, which would give the SEC 16 schools and make it the first of a national super-conference.

A couple of weeks?! Is this actually going to happen?

If Texas and OU actually became part of the SEC, it would be the biggest move in college sports probably in my lifetime. The ramifications would be immeasurable. It's entirely possible all the other Power Five leagues would scramble to create super conferences of their own and try to go get the remaining teams from the Big 12. The 16-team SEC football season would be incredible — Texas would be forced to play Texas A&M again in addition to all the other great matchups these teams would produce.

SEC commissioner Greg Sankey was asked about the report at SEC Media Days and he definitely didn't say it was false.

This was so sudden and out of left field that I don't even really know what I think about it. It would be great for the SEC and casual college football fans who want to see the best teams play often, but if you're a fan of another Big 12 team, this is most certainly not good news.

I remember the rumor when I was in college was that the SEC was trying to get Oklahoma and Oklahoma State, but that Texas was never going to leave its spot as the cash cow of the Big 12. But if this actually comes to fruition, what a coup it would be for Southern college football.

Apparently, Texas and Oklahoma could be coming to an SEC campus near you pretty soon. What a world.