Emmanuel Acho Had The Worst Giannis Take Of The Year

No one is in your face these days more than Emmanuel Acho. A former NFL player turned motivational speaker, he’s been on everything from Lexus commercials to Oprah Winfrey. I mean, the man exploded in the last year and now he’s everywhere.

And he might have fired off the hottest take of the year, right in the middle of the NBA Finals.

According to Acho, Giannis can never be the face of the NBA… because we don’t know his mother’s name.

Emmanuel Acho actually had the nerve to call Giannis Antetokounmpo unrelatable. As in, not able to be related to. 

You know, the guy who is pretty much living the American dream? The hero’s journey that most fiction follows to the tee because EVERY SINGLE person from every background can relate to? The guy who came in as a skinny kid with dreams of helping his family stop slanging bootleg merch on the Athenian Plaka, who is maybe the hardest worker in the NBA, and absolutely one of the nicest players in the league? 

How do you not like someone who orders a 50 piece from Chick-fil-A on a live IG stream and then gets a half Sprite/half lemonade without ice? He didn’t have money growing up so even though he makes like a gajillion dollars a year, he still won’t get his drinks with ice.

He even asked the server if she minded being on a live stream in front of 150k people. Is that unrelatable, Emmanuel?

Instead, Acho says that the players who are the face of the NBA and thus “relatable” are like Lebron James. Uhm. And players like Kobe Bryant, the guy who ate, slept and breathed one thing who didn’t have a work life balance and constantly berated anyone else who didn’t have the same maniacal drive as him to win at all costs? Yeah that guy is more relatable than Giannis. 


Giannis is 100% one of the faces of the NBA, and after his incredible run to the title, he’s only going to become more popular. He joked in his post-game presser about wanting a trade now. And told his Finals MVP trophy not to be jealous when he kissed the Larry O right in front of it. 


What’s not to love about that?

So sorry Emmanuel, you’re the guy who is now doing Lexus commercials acting like your scripted speech about unity is free form slam poetry and pinch hosting the Bachelor. 

I’m not sure you’re the right guy to decide and proclaim who is relatable and who isn’t.