Some Polish Influencer Sold An NFT Of Her 'Virtual Love' For 250 THOUSAND DOLLARS, Might Be The Biggest Genius Walking This Planet

[Sun] - A TIKTOK star may be the first person to have sold "virtual love" as an NFT – for $250,000 (£185,000). The staggering sum was reportedly paid out to Polish influencer Marta Rentel in exchange for her "emotions".

But rather than receive a guarantee of physical intimacy, the mystery buyer now owns an NFT, or non-fungible token. 

The deal includes "full rights to [the] digital love" of Marta.

And Marta has promised to go for a one-on-one dinner with the mystery buyer.

Let me start this blog the right way. Uh, what the fuck? That's basically everyone's response here because I honestly have no idea. I do know that this Marta Rentel might just be the smartest person walking this Earth though. Selling 'virtual love' for $250,000. That's so much money for ... a dinner and nothing? Or according to the Daily Mail it includes this: 

According to Polish gossip website 'Virtual love can be a graphic, photo, video game, YouTube movie, song, animated GIF.'

I don't even know how this works nor will I pretend to know how a NFT for virtual love works, but I do know that she just became a quarter of a million dollars richer. Should probably make him pay for dinner too. I guess she just posts photos or videos for him? I don't know man, feel like you can do that for cheaper than $250,000. I don't care if she's a smoke who is a TikToker, Instagram Influencer, singer and about to be on Polish version of 'Fame or Shame' you can find real love somewhere. Anyone can, I promise. 



A couple other thoughts here. I want to tell this guy that he can get married and likely divorced for cheaper than $250,000. Just do that instead. Other thing is it's the summer! It's prime time to meet people. Maybe if it was in the winter and around Thanksgiving/Christmas, I can understand you're a little lonely. But it's summer time man. Go out to a bar or the beach and talk to someone. You can fall ass backwards into meeting a real human and not digital love. We truly live in the weirdest of fucking times man.