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CM Punk Is Reportedly In Talks For A Return To The Ring

Holy shit! This news is the epitome of "Big, if true!"

I mean...CM Punk returning to the ring? Are you kidding me?!

This report comes from Sean Ross Sapp, who is one of the best/most credible journalists in the industry, so I'm inclined to believe there's at least SOME truth to it (at the very least) - and that makes the fan in me extremely excited. Sean indicates in the report (which you can read in full by joining the Fightful Select Patreon HERE) that Punk will be making this return at All Elite Wrestling - NOT the WWE, which makes the fan in me even more excited! 

While it'd certainly be cool to see a final chapter for Punk in the WWE, think of the freedom he'll get in AEW....the fresh matchups waiting for him....the GAME CHANGER he could be in igniting a real war/pro wrestling renaissance. You'd have to imagine he'll be wrestling's biggest draw IMMEDIATELY, right?! Who's more must watch than CM Punk in the middle of the ring with a live microphone? Things haven't really changed too much in the WWE since he left, either, if we're being honest - but I digress.

Punk is easily on my Mount Rushmore of favorite wrestlers ever - from his ROH run to his WWECW run to winning Money in the Bank (x2!) to the Straight Edge Society to the New Nexus/Summer of Punk and feud with The Undertaker - I truly love every era of his career for different reasons and would be delighted to see at least one more. Could you imagine the pop he'd get in Chicago if he debuted at All Out this year?!