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Danny DeVito Was Once Pranked By The Always Sunny Crew After They Gave Him A Script That Included Getting Arrested And Banged By Cops

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On today's Pardon My Take.. DANNY AND LUCY DEVITO! The crew from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter in-studio to break down many storylines from the show, what he does on Football Sundays, his future projects, and much more.

Speaking of "It's Always Sunny," DeVito told an epic story on today's show regarding a crazy April Fools joke that the show's cast and crew put together. It's graphic, but it's also funny. I'll let "Frank Reynolds" take it away…

Mr. Commenter: I think the great part about that show is that you can keep getting away with a lot of stuff. All the characters can do basically whatever they want because the unspoken joke that the audience is in on is that all these characters are detestable.

Lucy DeVito: They're assholes.

Mr. Commenter: They're all assholes.

Danny DeVito: We're all assholes.

Mr. Commenter: So, you can say things on that show that you wouldn't be able to say if you were not operating under that premise. So I guess my question would be like is, has there ever been a moment where they tried to write something that was so out there that you're like, I don't think we can make this funny?

Danny DeVito: Oh, absolutely. Well, no, they did one thing. We try everything, you know, we try all kinds of stuff. But they did one thing, I was, I remember it was early morning, I was going to go to work, I was about to go to a read through of the first script for that season, I can't remember which season. And somebody handed me a script at the house and said, "Look, the guys have changed their mind. They're going to do this script instead of the one you were going to read." And I said, "Oh God, okay." He said, "But they want you to read it right away, and they're all in the office and they want to hear what you have to say because they're going to change up. And this is going to be the first show of the season." And I said, "Cool."

Danny DeVito: So, I start reading it, and it's a show, normal show, we're in the bar, they're doing some prank, they're doing some thing, they're trying to get over on somebody, and they need a hooker. So, they send me out to get a hooker, so I go in a car, I got get a hooker, I get arrested immediately. Page 4 I get arrested, right? I'm thrown in jail, I'm in a shower, getting banged by some guy, okay? Wait a while, so, I read, and then I go back to the bar and they're doing some more antics and everything. They wrote an entire script where I get banged like six times by white supremacists, by cops, by everybody until the very last moment… Frank is like, you know, description of me laying on a cot, I'm depleted, I've been banged by everybody. And the cop says, "Somebody made your bail," and I go, "Oh, thank God," and I get up, you know, and it says, "He's walking, he can't walk. And finally, the cop, this big guy, he's got a billy club in his hand, he says, "Well, Frank, you're not going to leave before you say goodbye," and he throws me down on the ground, and all the cops come. And in the very last moment of the script, the cop leans into me and says, "April Fools, motherfucker," and I knew immediately that it was April 1st. And those sons of bitches wrote a whole script just to bust my balls!


(Everyone cracks up)

Mr. Cat: That's amazing. 

Danny DeVito: I called them up, they were all sitting around with the speakerphone, laughing their asses off. I was, like, an inch away from calling my lawyer.

Mr. Commenter: At the same time, like, it's a fucked up script, but I could actually see that work.

Mr. Cat: Yeah, it's a hilarious show. 

Lucy DeVito: I mean, I'm sure it was a good script, right?

Mr. Cat: Yeah, I visualized the whole thing, I was like, "That's funny."

Lucy DeVito: He got to the end.

Danny DeVito: Yeah, I want casting approval of it, guys.

What a ridiculous scene that was all built in as a joke. But as the guys said, there is a portion of my brain that thinks, "Oh, this might actually work?!" Even though that was a prank, it was still an awesome story told by Danny DeVito. Be sure to check out the full interview on today's PMT.