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Kevin Dotson Reported To Steelers Camp In A Jerome Bettis Super Bowl XL Jersey And I Already Feel Better About The O-Line

Steelers football is BACK. Players are reporting and the 2021 season is underway. 

No one made a bigger splash entrance than 2nd-year guard Kevin Dotson strutting his way into Heinz Field in an authentic Super Bowl XL Jerome Bettis jersey. This man gets it. He grew up a Steelers fan so he was probably like 8 when the Steelers brought home the one for the thumb in Detroit. This is the man you want to anchor your offensive line for the next 10 years. I love that it's the white one that they actually wore during that game and not one of those knockoff black jerseys that they just threw the Super Bowl patch on to try to sell more of them. 

Nah he went for the real deal. It's a small gesture, but this is what I needed today. I don't need my lineman rocking lulu lemons and a fashionable tank to be able to post on Instagram later. I need them thinking, eating, acting, and playing like The Bus. 

The Steelers o-line has been the biggest question and concern heading into 2021 and for good reason. A lot of turnover. A lot of youth. But guys like Dotson give me plenty of faith. A big ol' mauler inside that seems to have The Bus highlights running through his head ready to steamroll over anyone not wearing the black & gold. Also, all that nonsense about reports of the Steelers staff being upset with Dotson for being "out of shape" look to be confirmed bullshit now. Dude looks jacked and in The Bus jersey he's about to truck over defenders all season long. 

Let's give a fair shot to this new group of o-lineman and have some faith. Here We Go.