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I Honestly Have No Idea Why I'm Being Lumped Into The #ThisLeague Nonsense

So I guess CBS escaped from his cage last night and unleashed this little doohickey on Trysta Krick and #ThisLeague? That maniac is unhinged. All I know is now I'm someway, somehow being lumped into all of this and I want to reiterate my stance FOR THE RECORD: 

I still stand by that. This trifling behavior has been going on between Trysta and CBS for awhile now. It's been petty and, tbh, pretty futile.

Especially when Miss Perfect Attendance (attendance taken once a month) tried to fire shots at me while working (well) from home around the birth of my first child:

CBS has even stolen bets I've won off of her and used it to for his own personal vendetta and gain: 

Honestly, I just wanna be left out of it. Can't we all just get along at Barstool Sports? Or at least keep me out of this mess, the two of you? I've been officially retired from inter-office rivalries on September 28, 2018:

Well, mostly retired. Some of us have to defend ourselves and freedom from fraud hacks in actual, real life court cases that somehow exist in the American Judicial System:

So please, CBS and Trysta. Keep it to yourselves or, even better, civilized. I'm not one for this sort of nefarious content. Especially since I still need an exorcism after this demon screeched in my soul: 

PS - Still don't get it. 

PSS - This is fascinating. Nobody cared or did "SOMETHING, ANYTHING" regarding professional basketball or NBA content at Barstool before #THISLEAGUE, apparently? Delusion is a helluva drug.