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Giannis Is Going To Save The NBA But First He's Going To Rub The Fact He's Sleeping With The Trophy In Every Other Player's Face

So that’s what it feels like to be on top of the world, huh? He could have brought home just one trophy, but nope, he's got both and rightfully so. Not even that, he did it with his team, in his city before the age of 27. Not too bad for a guy that 'doesn't have a bag' or 'can't score' or 'Milwaukee has a problem with him.' Call me crazy, but I'll take him on my team any day of the week and let morons argue about holes in his game. I'll take a guy who goes for 50 in a closing game. I'll take a guy who makes arguably the best defensive play in NBA Finals history. I'll take a guy who put up this stat line in the Finals: 

Now apparently Barstool hasn't been invested in the NBA up until two years ago, so pardon my ignorance here. But this title now draws a line in the sand and we could and should look back on it as Giannis turning the NBA. Listen to that speech again about potentially joining a SuperTeam and saying fuck that I'm doing it on my own terms. The Bucks are one of the few true homegrown teams - 2015 Warriors, 2011 Mavs - to win a title. They made a smart trade for Jrue Holiday, built up around Giannis and Khris and then signed guys like Brook Lopez and Bobby Portis as role players. Guess what? We have a plethora (great word) of young talent currently in the NBA. Guys like Ja, Booker, Luka, Zion, Trae who are obviously with the team that drafted them. You don't think a couple people are listening to Giannis and seeing what he did in Milwaukee? If you can win in Milwaukee for the first time in 50 years, you can win basically anywhere in the league outside of the Kings. 

At the same time, we now have a huge storyline for next year and going forward. We have the team that did it 'right' in the Bucks with the player that did it right with Giannis vs the fucking Nets. You don't think that'll draw more eyes? The biggest complaint casual NBA fans have are the fact guys leave all the time to join a SuperTeam. Now we have one side vs another, something we see happen from time to time. Spurs vs Heat really comes to mind when people felt like San Antonio did it right vs the SuperTeam. 

I get that we're still going to get 'is this young star going to leave' that won't ever stop being a talking point. But think about how we've changed the conversation on Giannis. No longer is it is he going to Miami or Golden State or Dallas. It's 'when will he win a title in Milwaukee .. again.' Hell, even he can laugh about it. 

The NBA has a champion, two-time MVP, multiple time All-Star and All-NBA player who decided to stay home. Not to mention he's funny as fuck off the court. Seems like a good thing for the league. 

Rub it in everyone's face Giannis. Call people out, talk your shit because you deserve it.