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Bobby Portis And Pat Connaughton Laughed Right In Everyone's Face When They Were Asked How Much They Drank In The Locker Room

Honestly the perfect response, not even just after winning the NBA championship but basically any time this question is asked. I can't imagine this feeling though. Bobby Portis became a cult hero in Milwaukee, fans interrupting every interview tonight chanting his name. Really the two guys that came off the bench for the Bucks just having a grand old time. It's so genuine, which is why this team is so easy to cheer for. Sure, they have the stars in Giannis, Jrue and Khris. But every person that plays for the Bucks is this goofy, lovable type guy that casual NBA fans can get behind. Also just love seeing these big time athletes, dudes that we remember playing at Notre Dame and Arkansas, act like us. Sure, we're not rich and famous and winning NBA titles, but we all have buddies that you just look at and start laughing when being asked if you've been drinking. We argue top beers and all that shit all the time. Top-1 is winning a title celebratory drink. What a reaction, what a series.