Me Being Wrong About The Bucks Is Good For Business And I’m A Company Woman

You hate to see it and simultaneously you love to see it, don't you? 

The Most Overrated team in the playoffs, no clutch gene, Giannis isn’t Batman, Kris Middleton Isn’t “that guy”, Bud deserves to be fired, the most overrated team to make the Finals in history etc etc etc… 

In hindsight, these were not so great takes. They were slanderous, dismissive and were also one Kevin Durant toe on the line away from being pretty spot on. But, this shit isn’t horseshoes or Cornhole. You’re either right or you’re wrong.

Hand up… I was fucking WRONG. Like SUPER DUPER old takes exposed level wrong. 

But who knew being wrong would feel so right? It appears that my HORRIBLE takes on the Bucks might have actually been a good thing.  I am personally in a GREAT mood. 

Who knew it would take a “lazy, non-creative, cringey, fight-picking try hard” to make outrageous takes (most of which were right) for this company to rally around SOMETHING, ANYTHING regarding professional basketball? 

I’ve been here almost two years and that’s long enough to know that most of this company cares about the NBA last in the list of sports they excited about, root for, and gamble on. Interest in the Barstool world in the NBA is pretty much right behind Jerry Thornton’s coverage of ice skating. 

But because of their collective desire to throw my words back in my face, ready to RT every Bucks tweet I’ve ever had (which they bookmarked every single one), everyone (including our esteemed blog mafia) at our company was on the edge of their seats, oozing, dripping in excitement about the outcome of one of the LEAST anticipated matchups in a long long time in Finals history. 

Alas… We ALL FINALLY cared about the NBA. Not in an ironic way either… In a passionate way that is akin to how much I personally care about the NBA. 

I was rooting for my takes and Barstool fans and employees were rooting for my demise. 

And you know what? Given that we’re in the views and pageviews business, I’d say my little Bucks rant was what the doctor ordered. I’m guessing a million video views isn’t bad on a single video, or that millions of video views in a week might be moving the needle? Poo Poo Tiktok all you want, but that shit’s not going anywhere. You also realize that we’re in the business of moving Suns in Four merch, right? Which we did. I saw tons of Suns in Four merch firsthand while I was “boondoggling” around Phoenix in one of my five Suns in Four shirts. I swear to god I didn't even bring any other tee shirts besides those with me. 

Suns in Four is a lifestyle. Buy a shirt.

Jake Paul told me a few months ago, it’s way better to be a villain because people are WAYYY more likely to watch just to see you fail. 

Yep. I’d say that’s true. 



And it’s a damn shame for the haters because I’m a much more graceful loser than I am a winner. 

Hand up. I was wrong. As it turns out, the Bucks were NOT the most overrated team to ever make the Finals. 

But let’s not act like this company is full of nothing but sharps who don’t get anything wrong. 

I’m getting chirped by a guy who once tried to convince the world he had inside information on an AKRON FOOTBALL GAME and pretty much bankrupted half the company with his “inside information.” I’m getting chirped by the alter ego of a Philly guy who was wrong about Ben Simmons for FOUR ENTIRE YEARS. Has anyone on Picks Central ever finished a year in the black? Yeah, NOBODY at Barstool was wrong about the Patriots beating the Eagles in the Super Bowl. 

But yeah, it’s my competency and sports knowledge that’s being called to account. 

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It’s ok. I can eat a little crow every once in a while. I don’t have to do it often. 

So if you want a laugh, go into the blog and read all the slanderous takes I had about the Bucks. 

I picked four teams to flame out in the Playoffs before the play-in game tipped off: the Jazz (#1 seed), the Lakers (defending champions), the Sixers (everyone’s favorites) and the Bucks. To be honest, I was confident about the Bucks losing, but what the hell, 3 of 4 isn’t bad. It’s a tough look when the one you were wrong about wins the whole damn thing but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. 

So you may not like “hot take merchants” but I can tell you this… hot take merchants move the fucking needle and that’s what matters

Because guess what? I am not going anywhere, and I’m going to be moving the fucking needle for a long, long time. 

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Better get used to it. Oh, and buy a Milwaukee Bucks t-shirt.