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Flood Season Is Breaking Dams All Over China And The Videos Are Terrifying

Remember that Chinese Dam we talked about on Dogwalk in May? The one so big that it slowed the rotation of the Earth and if it broke it would be the end of the world? This episode here

Well now this is apparently happening in China right now

And that is not the only one. A reported 3 dams in 48 hours busting in China this week. 

And if you're wondering if it is the Three Gorges Dam that we discussed…it ain't, thank god. This is still happening though

The whole point of this blog might be this video though

This guy is getting SWALLOWED up by raging flood and he seems completely untroubled. Like, ho hum, just a mild traffic jam and his car is turning into a submarine and he looks at his phone as if he's scrolling through his spotify playlist. He's so chill that China should actually make him a sub commander. Ice in his veins. I would've been crying and clawing at the window. Not this guy. Just waiting for it to pass as if it were a freight train. 

The visuals coming in are insanely scary. 

Obviously a tragic situation going on in China right now. There are also reports that China had to intentionally blow up at least one dam to divert flooding. Prayers up for all of those impacted. Hopefully things don't get any worse.