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The Next Addition To The Skate Video Game Series Is In Development And It's Going To Be Legendary

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Skate 4


I wanna give a huge shoutout to the developers for Skate - this sort of transparency is what gamers need. Think about this open line of communication versus Call of Duty Warzone or GTA where we get NOTHING. Gamers are so passionate about certain series/titles, and having a transparent video explaining where Skate 4(?) is in development is very helpful.

For my non-gamers out there, Skate is the premiere Skate simulating video game. Everyone that's ever played it, has LOVED it. The only game that's comparable is the OG Tony Hawk's Underground.

Skating video games are meant for long time frames between releases. Thankfully, they'll never be like the Maddens or 2ks of the world that drop every single year. Skate developers understand this and want Skate to be a masterpiece. As you've probably heard me say before, rushed games always suck. Every gamer EVER would rather the developer take their time and release a masterpiece like a Skyrim or a Red Dead Redemption.

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On top of mastering the game itself, game developers are in such a bizarre time in history where they can't just focus on the latest generation of consoles. So many people are having a ridiculously hard time finding a new and available PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X. 

Now if you're a game dev, do you want for more consoles to be available? Or do you maximize the game for both new gen and old gen consoles? Obviously if you focus on the latter, then the development takes longer as you have to focus on two different machines running the game as smoothly as possible.

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This reminds me of the difference when PS4 and the Xbox One dropped - developers didn't give one single fuck about older gen consoles because they knew how many people would be fully invested in the new consoles. This time is quite the opposite as PlayStation said they'll be in short supply of PS5s until 2023 (WTF).

My expert guesstimation for Skate 4 dropping is September 2022. By this point, hopefully PlayStation and Xbox can get their acxts together while the majority of gamers will have new gen consoles. When do you think this new addition to Skate will see the light of day?

Speaking of transparency, where are we in the GTA 6 timeline?