Nothing Says Friendship Quite Like Letting Your Buddy Toss A Few Bean Bags Directly Over Your Ball Bag

Much like any other sport out there, if you want to be great at cornhole then you have to put in the work and the effort. 4 baggers don't just grow on trees. You can't just luck your way into drilling 4 bags in a single round. It's not like LeBron James just woke up one day and was magically the best basketball player on the planet. Sure, it might take a little natural talent and genetics. But it also takes relentlessly working your ass off to get to the very top. 

So how do you make sure you're cool, calm and collected under pressure when you're in desperate need of a 12-point round? Well you get your buddy to lay his nuts on the board and that forces you to either sink every shot or you end up giving your pal an impromptu vasectomy. Don't get me wrong, ball taps are always funny. But nobody wants to be the guy who sends his friend to the hospital with a ruptured scrot. It's either you hit that 4 bagger or you crush your buddy's 2 bagger. The stakes don't get much higher than that. 

Sidenote: I appreciate the confidence check after that 1st bag was tossed. Cover up the sack for the first throw just to see whether he was dialed in on the distance or not. And then as soon as he realized his guy was locked in, it was time to go free balling. That's trust. That's friendship. That's everything.