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We Are Getting Leaked Footage From The Kraken Expansion Draft Starting With The Maple Leafs Pick

Alex Kerfoot come on down. You're unofficially the first NHL caliber player on the Seattle Kraken. 

You know it's legit because it is a sports team in Seattle using the fish market thing because that is the ONLY thing even in Seattle. Well, riots, homeless people, coffee weirdos, the space needle, a football stadium with fake crowd noise, and the fish market where you have to throw the fish because walking it over on a cart another 10 feet is inefficient...or something. That's it. That's all Seattle has. That, and now...Alex Kerfoot. 

I love the Kraken doing damage control on this

Whoever they take...they are going to be good. Probably a playoff team in the Pacific Division. Maybe not as good as Vegas was in year 1 when teams really didn't seem to know what the fuck they were doing with the expansion draft, but a VERY deep and solid team. JVR, Donskoi, Kerfoot, Giordano, Drieger, Domi, Gourde, Eberle, Borgen, can make a very competitive team out of the names available. Good for the league, bad for your team if you're the Sharks, Ducks, or Kings in 2021. I am ready for all the chaos and all the drama and I love a good leak. Welcome to the league, Kraken. 

PS: I caught one of those salmon one time. It's not hard