I Refuse To Believe This New Walking Dead Trailer Is Actually Real

I laid in bed for hours last night wondering how this is a real thing...for multiple reasons. The 1st obviously being how the FUCK is this show still on television? Back in the day I was a MASSIVE Walking Dead fan. Like to the point where I even think I had a few shirts & comics if I remember correctly. We had a Sunday night group chat in high school which I could only say I've had one more TV groupchat in my life and that was for Thrones which is extremely warranted due to all the theories...Looking back on it having a groupchat for the piece of shit that is the Walking Dead is embarassing. 

The thing with the Walking Dead was that I tried to stay on as long as I could. I really, really, really did. I made it past the god himself Herschel getting whacked, I made it past that stupid fucking flu at the prison, the cliffhanger of Abraham getting hit by Lucille, faking Glenn's death, and most of all FUCKING TERMINUS. They advertised that shit for what like a decade only for it to be dealt with within the first few episodes of the season. What horrendous television. God my blood is boiling just thinking about this for the first time in years.

And now for the 2nd reason I couldn't believe this trailer is real...that LITERALLY looks like it's a trailer for an amusement park ride. How is that a trailer for actual television on a network as highly-regarded as AMC? If you told me that was my little cousin's middle school project I wouldn't blink an eye. I'm just happy Norman Reedus is still getting the bag on that show. That's all I have to say about that. 

Fuck, man. This blog really did make me angry. Fuck the Walking Dead.