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Lil Nas X Is On Trial For Being Gay

.............. in his new music video. Well, its the prelude to the actual music video that hasn’t come out yet but same shit.

Really good skit from everyone’s favorite industry baby Lil Nas X. Say what you want about him or his music but he is a social media marketing wizard. The situation all started when Lil Nas X sold custom satan style nikes with (allegedly) a drop of real human blood mixed into each and every shoe. The sneakers were sold for $1,098 a pair and sold out in minutes. Now Nike is taking him to court over it and he has been trolling the shit out of them on twitter and with this skit that has over 6 million views on twitter and almost another million on YouTube. 

There was a report from Forbes that they settled this out of court in April so this rumor is potentially (probably) just another genius, elaborate marketing ploy from Lil Nas X. He’s arguably the most prolific troll on the internet. He’s trolled and marketed his way into having one of the biggest songs of the last decade and being one of the most famous followed people in music and now he’s trolling one of the biggest companies in the world to perfection. What an interesting story. What an interesting world.