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"It's Not About The Money"--Aaron Rodgers. Rodgers Turns Down Giant Contract Offer From The Packers

I don't want to step in here and be the white knight for Aaron Rodgers, but hey Packers...the guy said no. Do you want me to say it in Spanish? NO! This man gave the Packers the best 16 years of his life. Now he wants to move on. He's earned the right to play wherever he wants in the AFC West. If it's Vegas or Denver that has his heart for whatever reason you gotta let him go. You didn't see me crying and blaming Duncan Keith when the Blackhawks traded him to Edmonton so he could see his son more. I am sure that after 16 years away from his fam...I am sure Aaron Rodgers has his reasons. 

I wonder if the Packers are starting to think that Jordan Love just really fucking sucks. That would be great. I mean I don't think they'd offer Rodgers a contract that makes him the highest paid player in the NFL and a deal that goes beyond the life of Jordan Love's rookie deal if they felt that love was capable of being the next great Packers QB. The Packers drafted Love to replace Rodgers when he was begging for help on offense. That seemed to push Rodgers over the edge. Now Love stinks and Rodgers has them over a barrel. He's really got them hanging off a cliff like Mufasa and he is Scar. About to drop their asses into a god damn stampede of wild animals from the south

For the first time in my entire life it feels like the Packers misplayed their hand at the most important position in sports. It is beautiful to watch. 54 days until the Bears open the season against the Rams. If Aaron Rodgers isn't playing this year then I think you can realistically make a claim that the Bears are the new division favorite. We did it. We are at a point where it's okay to be optimistic about the Chicago Bears. At this moment the Bears are +375 on the Barstool Sportsbook to win the NFC North. That feels like it is worth a sprinkle. A light dusting like snow sweeping over a frozen Soldier Field. Get me to football season and get Aaron Rodgers to a place where he can be happy.