Here Are A List Of Things I Would Give Up For Dame Lillard

This was the opening topic of conversation Rone and myself had on this week's First Time, Long Time - Barstool's unsanctioned Philly Sports/Life podcast. Soon to be wed Rone kept it casual and somewhat realistic stating he would let go of Ben Simmons, Thybulle, and Maxey in exchange for Damian Lillard. Fair. And here is my list: 

- Ben Simmons

- Mattise Thybulle

- Tyrese Maxey 

- Unlimited picks

- A kidney

- My left nut

- Over 3* likes on a #THISLEAGUE Tweet (*not guaranteed) 

- My soul

- Ben Simmons' nuts and soul, assuming they're currently not in possession of the Atlanta Hawks

Anything else? Cause that's how badly we need a Dame Train running through everyone in South Philly. Shit, if the wife were actually dedicated, we'd discuss throwing the 12-week old into a volcano to appease the Basketball Gods, but I guess we'll stop short at child sacrifice. 

Other than that, we discussed the Phillies hopes, Eagles futility, Flyers action, and...Union? Believe it. Be sure to tell Rone congrats. We'll hang up and listen. 

PS - Ladies and gentleman, start your ratio: